Twelve months in the making, using both qualitative and quantitative research, we have unearthed powerful findings about the pressures, passions and motivations that both unite and differentiate one of our strongest audiences, digitally native 16-34 year olds.

The results paint an intriguing picture with implications for agencies, advertisers and Bauer itself. The project forms the basis of a joint collaboration with The Drum, with Bauer Knowledge – The Millennial Chapter hub launched on Over the next three months, the hub will delve deep into understanding this generation, building a comprehensive resource of knowledge, inspiration and insight.

In the study, five distinct segments are identified– the Influencers, Adopters, Apprentices, Entertained and Contented - each of whom are as different as they are alike.

Millennials 2015 from Bauer Media News on Vimeo.

The Influencers are the smallest group identified by Bauer. They account for just 11% of Millennials (1.7m) and are more likely to be male. They have the highest media consumption of any segment, at an average 66 hours a week, and exhibit the widest range of media behaviours. They are defined as creative and influential, like their voice to be heard – especially online where they are highly active - and follow trends closely.

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