Tell us a bit about you:

My dream was always to be a Bollywood Actress or a TV Presenter.This led me to doing a Theatre and Media degree and the rest as they say is history.

I am married with 2 children India (12) and Sam (9) and I met my husband James, working for Kiss in 1999 when we were still Emap. Juggling parenthood and work isn’t easy, but having flexible working hours and Fridays off means I can retain some work life balance.

I’m a black belt in Karate, enjoy going to the gym, member of a book club, love karaoke and am a Parent Governor at my son’s school.

What does your role entail?

I am a sales person! I work in the commercial department managing a team of Brand Directors in Magazines. We are the ambassadors for some of the best magazine brands Bauer owns … TV Choice, Take A Break, Heat, Closer, Empire to name a few.

We are responsible for writing the advertising strategy and advertising budgets for these brands. We sit between publishing, editorial and sales, providing the collateral for the sales teams, helping them come up with creative solutions for our clients and also selling advertising space. I also manage some of the print sales team and love going out to see our agencies and clients.

Tell us a bit about how you came to join Bauer Media?

I joined EMAP in 1997 as an Operations Co-ordinator in Radio. My first job was working for an Asian Radio station Sabras Radio in Leicester, as their Traffic and Accounts manager. I got the job at EMAP on Air by directly writing a letter to Tom Toumazis the first MD before we launched, asking him to consider me for a role in his radio station… unbeknownst to me the size and scale of EMAP at the time.

I moved over to the publishing side of the business in 2000 and was lucky enough to work on some iconic youth magazines… Smash Hits, Just Seventeen, more! and Bliss as a sales exec.

Over an accumulative 20 years at Bauer, I’ve worked on 5 magazine launches, taken 2 maternity leaves, 1 redundancy in 2015 and was lucky enough to come back to Bauer in 2017 to the job that I do now.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We start each day with a team meeting where we go through priorities for the day and what space is left to sell in our magazines going to print that week. Then again each day is so varied and can include writing advertising proposals for clients, checking flat plans, doing a revenue forecast for my manager, having meetings and presenting our magazines to potential advertisers, 121’s with the team or meeting with editorial teams and publishers. There is no one typical day which is what I love.

Why do you love working at Bauer?

I’m hugely passionate about working in magazines and Bauer is the UK’s no. 1 publisher.

Aside from that the people and culture are second to none! The culture is what kept me at Bauer for 18 years and brought me back in 2017. And anyone that works here will always say it’s the people that make this company so special.

I have genuinely always felt like I belong here, am encouraged to have a voice and even after 23 years in Media, am still learning new things from the teams I work with.

What are you proudest of in your time at Bauer?

Working on any magazine launch is akin to having a baby and every single one has made me burst with pride!

But also, being able to make a difference. Getting up on stage last year and winning a Bauer award with my Belonging at Bauer team for being ‘Game Changers’ - and this was before all the amazing work we had done for Black History Month. I’m proud to work for a company where diversity and inclusion is valued and I can celebrate my ethnicity and be myself. I want to learn more about how I can help Bauer in my role on the BAME team, ensuring Bauer remains a place where people feel like they belong.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join Bauer?

A big company can be scary to join at first, but we’re always looking for new talent, fresh ideas and we welcome new people with open arms.

If you want to work for Bauer, don’t be afraid to contact us and tell us where your passion lies. Media is so diverse and Bauer has so many amazing brands, whether that’s in radio, print, design or project management there will be various opportunities that could be the next move for you.