Bauer Media Worldwide

Find out more about The Bauer Media Groups worldwide presence.

The Bauer Media Group covers 16 countries and spans four continents, allowing us to open up new markets and work across national borders as a fast, flexible family. This worldwide coverage meant that in 2013 we were able to increase our global sales to €2.4 billion. We own more than 600 journals, 400 digital media platforms and 100 radio stations around the world and are the market leader in many international divisions. And we’re still growing.

The foundations of our global expansion began in the 1980s when publisher Heinz Bauer started an arm of the business in the United States. Today, two-thirds of our sales are generated abroad and we have made numerous overseas acquisitions including many in the UK and Australian markets. International and interdisciplinary work is our strength – current projects are linked specifically and intrinsically to each other, while through an intensive global exchange we are able to tap synergies, promote creativity and new ideas. 


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