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Alan Carr transforms into J-Lo for heat magazine's Stars Dress Up Christmas special

Alan Carr is almost unrecognizable as he transforms in to Jennifer Lopez for heat magazine’s Christmas issue.

The TV host and comedian was taking part in the magazine’s annual Stars Dress Up Christmas special along with David Walliams as Theresa May, Rylan Clark-Neal as Gareth Southgate, Vicky Pattinson as Victoria Beckham and Megan Barton-Hanson as Margot Robbie in I,Tonya.

Alan said: “You know I would do anything for heat. Two years ago, I went full frontal as a man when I was Orlando Bloom and the lovely David [Walliams] was Katy Perry, so I thought, “How can I push the boundaries? How can I stretch myself for the heat readers?” So, I went full frontal as a woman! And the experience was lovely, although I do wonder if J-Lo’s cape was as itchy as this one. Honestly, it was so scratchy, it was as if my psoriasis had come back – like wearing green eczema. Also, because I had no protection underneath, I felt like the material exfoliated my private parts – they’re looking much younger now and have a vibrant glow.”

Heat’s Stars Dress Up feature appears in the special Christmas Double Issue, on sale on Tuesday.