Natalie Tambini

Natalie Tambini (Natalie Dye) is a Senior Features Writer on TV Choice and Total TV Guide magazines, covering print, website and social. She has worked as a journalist for more than 28 years, writing for national newspapers and major TV and women's magazines in the UK, Dubai and Australia, including The Guardian, Mirror, TV Times, Radio Times, Murdoch’s TV Guide, Bella, Best, New Woman, Take a Break and Woman, and as Real-Life Editor on Mizz and more!.

Her work has been syndicated worldwide, and she spent seven years as a Contributing Editor on Cosmopolitan magazine. Natalie’s first book, Cosmopolitan Confessions, was published in 2002 while her most recent, Arandora Star, is her debut novel. It has been optioned as a six-part TV series which is currently in development.