Sophie Hearsey

Sophie Hearsey is Editor-in-Chief of Bauer Media’s second best-selling women’s weekly title, that’s life! Sophie has sixteen years’ experience working for Bauer Publishing, having started at UK’s biggest true life weekly, Take a Break. There, she climbed the ranks from junior writer, to deputy editor, and as part of her role, she created Chums for Mums, uniting mums suffering from postnatal depression. She also interviewed Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg, for coverage of the 2010 General Election. Questions included whether the would-be Prime Ministers would take back a partner who cheated on them, as well as what they thought of UK women who went on holiday in Turkey to use Turkish toyboys for sex.

In 2010, Sophie was parachuted into the driving seat of that’s life! magazine, where she faced a tough market. The number of true life weekly titles had grown significantly, but through a constant stream of new ideas, Sophie has closed the gap on her nearest competitor, and grown the title’s market share. Her unique campaigns include Bras for Africa, which was highly-commended by the BSME, Survivor which worked with Refuge to support victims of domestic abuse, and Mum of the Year, which recognised fantastic mums and how they go and above and beyond for others. It goes without saying that these ideas are woven into the that’s life! tapestry of cracking true life stories, captivating puzzles and enticing prizes.