Diversity & Inclusion Commitments

We believe that Diversity & Inclusion should be seen, heard and felt across Bauer UK. This is what we’re doing as a business to support all our people and teams.

We will only succeed when we are truly representative of the audiences we serve, both in demographics and our brands. We want to create a culture that enables everyone who works here to bring their whole selves to work.

Diversity & Inclusion Commitments

Our commitments fall under 4 key pillars:

1. Recruit  2. Educate  3. Support  &  4. Celebrate


A. Measuring diversity in our recruitment and our teams – Application Tracking System
We recently rolled out a new process around recruitment to track the diversity of applicants for roles to enable us to ensure a representative pool of candidates are considered and to also track progress on becoming a workforce more reflective of the communities we engage with through our audio, print and digital products and consumer events. All recruitment will follow this new process.

B. Improving our identification of talent from the BAME community
We have signed the BITC Race at Work Charter, which provides a framework to ensure that ethnic minority employees are represented at all levels, are able to progress their careers. All our recruitment suppliers have also been asked to sign up to our recruitment supplier charter, and we will only partner with suppliers who support our objectives around inclusive hiring. We have started working with external partners such as BAME Recruitment and Creative Access to change the way we attract and recruit greater diversity into Bauer.

C. Improving our identification of talent from underprivileged communities
We have signed the Social Mobility Pledge, which provides a framework for outreach to unprivileged communities, and seeks to provide access and recruitment opportunities to boost social mobility.

D. Supporting schemes that increase the diversity of talent for media
We have renewed our support and funding for schemes that specialise in training under-represented individuals such as This is Me: Creative London and The MAYA Project to increase the chances they might take up a career in media


E. Educating all our people to improve our recruitment process.
We are currently running virtual inclusive recruitment workshops to educate our people on unconscious bias and what ally-ship means. The workshop is available as a series of video podcasts and is mandatory learning for all our hiring managers. All recruitment will be signed off by Dee Ford and Chris Duncan and no one will be able to interview and recruit if they have not attended this training.

F. Educating ourselves on what we can do to help this programme
We will continue to roll out our employee training focused on the topics of inclusion, diversity, ally-ship and privilege to ensure that Bauer is a great place to do great work for all.


G. Upholding our Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct, that all employees are obligated to sign, states that we stand by a culture in which diversity is appreciated and supported, where opportunities are open to all, where people treat each other with respect and expect to get the same in return. We must continue to encourage each other to speak up, or call it out, if a colleague is not living up to these standards.

H. Protecting our mental health
We will continue to offer support and guidance around mental health and wellbeing for all our people and line managers. We have a mental health hub on Teams that signposts useful resources, Mental Health First Aiders that you can reach out to, and all our people have access to a 24-hour Employee Assistance Programme.

I. Standing in solidarity with external movements like Black Lives Matter
Our radio and music magazine brands have recently shown their support in the Black Lives Matter movement by participating in Black Out Tuesday, and we have actively taken an anti-racist stance. We will continue to use the power of our brands to support causes which reflect our values.


J. Celebrating our role models
We shine a light on the people who make diversity and inclusion come to life at Bauer, ensuring that they have a voice both internally and externally. We will continue to profile them more regularly, providing more opportunities for them to celebrate their careers, achievements & successes. Our role models sit in a new dedicated section of the Bauer Media UK website.

And specific to our audio business:

K. Signing the Equality in Audio Pact
We recently also signed up to the Equality in Audio Pact – the first Town Hall meeting of signatories to the Pact was held yesterday evening – we will share more information with the audio teams about what our commitment to the Pact means.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Bauer, people are at the heart of everything we do and every person deserves to be their true selves at work; and in our products. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Values

Values are at the heart of everything we do, representing how we work and showing our commitment to the people working here. 

Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion manifesto

Our D&I manifesto & mission statement aims to effect change through more targeted recruitment, wider education programmes, and the continued support of a diverse & inclusive workforce.

Diversity & Inclusion manifesto