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Ofcom Diversity and Equal Opportunities in TV and Radio Report

Today, Ofcom has published its latest report on diversity and equal opportunities in television and radio.

We are proud to report that 58% of our workforce is female, the highest of all broadcasters included and above the benchmark for the UK working population. However, we recognise that there is improvement required to further grow the diversity of Bauer Radio in terms of minority ethnic backgrounds and disability and remain actively committed to this as a core part of our business strategy.

Earlier this year, we shared our D&I Manifesto, which clearly communicates the specific actions that we will take to further embed diversity and inclusion into our culture, through improved recruitment, education, support and celebration. This pledge illustrates our determination to create an open and transparent working environment, whereby our people can feel comfortable and confident enough to hold our business leaders to higher account.

Through the implementation of our strategy for greater involvement and education of our leaders – especially in the improvement of our ‘best practice’ D&I Recruitment processes – we have seen increased awareness and acknowledgement of the importance of diversity and inclusion across the whole business.

We will continue to provide opportunities for further education of our leaders and people. By encouraging open and honest conversations, we can ensure that Bauer is a great place to do great work for all.

You can read full report here.