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Bauer Insiders

Bauer Media reaches 25 million UK consumers and we want to know all about them. Our insight panel is made up of over 5000 Bauer consumers, drawn from our diverse brands from Kiss to Grazia to Scala radio, who have opted to become the Bauer Insiders – a community which receive regular surveys providing invaluable insight into all aspects of their lives. We combine the insight we gather from the Bauer Insiders with the audience expertise of our creative and content teams to create stand out commercial solutions that deliver impact. We talk to them about an incredibly diverse range of topics from media consumption to finances to Christmas to trust and mental health.

Bauer Insiders: Trends Studies

Over the last 2 years, we have kept in regular contact with our Insiders community asking them about how their lives have been impacted in times of extreme change. This on-going study has provided us with an invaluable document of life in the time of Covid and has provided a deep understanding of the impact of unprecedented events on everything from the mood of the nation and changing work/life balance to consumer spending mindset to emerging attitudes to social issues and changing media consumption. This work has proved incredibly useful for Bauer Media and for our advertising partners to keep up to speed with consumer behaviour in an ever-shifting landscape.

Bauer Insiders: Advertising Category Studies

To complement the macro-trends studies carried out with our Insiders, we carry out more in-depth category studies that look at consumer attitudes, behaviour & purchase decision-making in particular advertising categories such as food, autos and technology. Bauer Insiders Snapshots are shorter surveys carried out around tactical themes such as Leisure & Pets to provide quick snapshots around specific consumer attitudes and behaviour. Our advertising partners in these categories have the opportunity to input into the surveys to surface new and relevant category insights.

If you require further information on any Bauer Media insight and the Bauer Insiders panel, please email us on