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Research & Insight

Creating Impact with Insight

Our commercial insight & research team create an extensive range of innovative studies to advance our understanding of the ever-changing behaviours, values & attitudes of our diverse audiences and to demonstrate the impact of advertising on Bauer Media platforms.

We share our insights & findings with advertising partners to show how the consumer landscape is evolving and to provide evidence of the roles that our network of audio and publishing brands are playing – on-air, in print, on socials and online – to help inform advertising messaging and media choices.

The main types of Bauer Media insight & research studies are:

Bauer Media Impact: measuring campaign effectiveness and the role of media in the marketing mix

To demonstrate the impact of working with Bauer Media, we conduct research into the effectiveness of our creative partnership campaigns. These studies measure the impact of campaigns against objectives at the relevant stage of the purchase funnel whether increasing awareness, changing perceptions and consideration, and any actions taken as a result. Using our bank of over 100 effectiveness studies from the last three years, we have created a Benchmarking database to provide context for individual campaign results.

In addition to campaign effectiveness and to complement the work of media industry bodies such as Radiocentre and Magnetic, we carry out occasional studies into the effectiveness of advertising on our platforms and the role that radio & magazines play in the marketing mix alongside other media.

Bauer Consumer Insights: Bauer Insiders insight panel

Bauer Media reaches 25 million UK consumers and we want to know all about them! Our insight panel is made up of over 5000 Bauer consumers, drawn from our diverse brands from Kiss to Grazia to Scala radio, who have opted to become the Bauer Insiders – a community which receive regular surveys providing invaluable insight into all aspects of their lives. We combine the insight we gather from the Bauer Insiders with the audience expertise of our creative and content teams to create stand out commercial solutions that deliver impact.

Bauer Audience Expertise: from Gen K to Reluctant Adults

Bauer Media reaches diverse demographic groups via its network of over 100 magazines, 150 radio stations, 70 podcasts and 500 websites. To further our understanding of our brands’ audiences, their lives, attitudes and consumption habits, we carry out audience research projects to provide insights for our advertisers on how to connect and communicate with specific audiences.

These cover the whole generational spectrum from the Kiss youth audience, ‘Gen K’, to Grazia’s 30 something ‘Gamechangers’, to Absolute Radio’s ‘Reluctant Adults’.