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Game Changers

To mark Grazia’s 10th birthday in early 2015, we embarked on an immersive study of its target audience: smart, modern women, ABC1 aged 25-44. Through multi-faceted research we shed light on their lives, behaviours and attitudes and how their relationship with media and brands are evolving.

Game Changers 3.0

A year since the UK entered lockdown and with the return to normality in the distance, Grazia’s new research study sheds new light on the lives of women to understand the impact of recent developments on their behaviour and attitudes – and crucially, what changes they’ll adopt in a post-pandemic life.

Watch the video below to learn more about Grazia’s recent study – Game Changers 3.0

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Game Changers 2.0

In 2019, Grazia launched The Game Changers 2.0. This fresh insight sheds new light on the lives and behaviours of women who, after enduring seismic changes in political and economic spheres of late, are empowered into action to drive their own definition of happiness. The insight provides a lens into their world on their aspirations, outlook on life, and desires across home and fashion:

  1. Happiness is the new aspiration
  2. They take action on issues that matter to them
  3. They’re frustrated by rigid structures in the workplace
  4. They’re ripping up the rule book and making the week work for them
  5. They value depth of friendship over breadth
  6. They invest in healthy habits that are best for them
  7. They define mid-tier living: a state between home owning and rental hopping leading to a surge in home accessory spending
  8. They enjoy retail highs and are constantly in the pursuit of smart and concious fashion

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Game Changers 1.0

The Game Changers research included in home sessions where we joined groups of friends across the country as they talked about their passions, challenges and relationships over supper. Online diaries and quantitative studies gave depth to the study and interviews with 10 influential women from a range of professions explored key themes impacting their lifestyles and attitudes.

The study revealed 10 key themes under the headlines of life, career and fashion:

1. Positive and Productive They are optimistic about their future and in control of their own destiny.
2. Winning on their own terms Defining their own success and finding new paths to achieve it.
3. The Adaptables Adapting and flexing into all the roles required of them.
4. The new real models A new breed of role models are emerging.
5. Hot Feminism A more inclusive feminist movement is evolving.
6. DIY careers New entrepreneurial model of career building.
7. Networks are everywhere More informal, inclusive networking is established.
8. Relationships reinvented The relationship rule book is being rewritten.
9. Works style balance setting the style agenda at work.
10. Wardrobe curators investing to create their own personal style portfolio.