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Attribute with Bauer Media

A powerful new way to measure the impact of radio advertising 

We can now demonstrate the direct relationship between radio advertising and online activity with Attribute – a new performance marketing tool


Introducing a new radio attribution tool to the UK

Attribution is a well-established component of the ad measurement effectiveness landscape but there is no broadly used audio attribution tool in the UK.
We are working with Veritone, a leading provider of AI and analytics technology and solutions, to introduce a new radio attribution model to the UK. Currently Bauer is the only UK radio operator to work with Veritone on attribution.

What is Veritone Attribute?

Veritone Attribute is an attribution solution that measures broadcast advertising campaign performance and demonstrates the correlation between campaigns and traffic to advertiser websites.

What can Attribute do?

• Prove that radio advertising works as a driver of online activity
• Evaluate the impact of both radio airtime and sponsorship campaigns on web traffic
• Show the effectiveness of radio ad campaigns during a specified timespan
• Demonstrate which spot lengths and creative executions drive most traffic

Attribute in action

Attribute is proving the immediate impact of radio advertising on web traffic. In 2023 a selection of Bauer advertisers using Attribute have seen an increase of up to 18%.

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