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30 January 2023

‘We’re using digital audio to supercharge partnerships!’ – advertising experts explore audio’s digital ecosystem at Campaign event 

On Thursday 26th of January we partnered with Campaign’s Radio and Audio Summit for a session on why The Future Of Audio Is Hear.

The panel, moderated by Lucie Cave (Chief Creative Officer at Bauer Media), included Jenna Voyce (Group Business Director at Bauer Media), Al Young, Chief Creative Officer at St Lukes and Sam Austin, Head of Audio at Goodstuff.

With a group so ingrained and experienced in audio advertising, the conversation covered topics including the digital audio revolution, the evolution of sonic branding and how to deliver the most effective audio campaign.

Speaking on the implications of the growing digital space in audio advertising, Jenna explored the impact that smart speakers and phones have had on radio listening in particular – no longer a single point of reception in a kitchen or car, radio is now in every room of your home and on the go via a number of devices. The growth in listening availability has seen the average time spent listening to radio increase, with an enhanced listener experience. The implications of this for brands, is that they can still tap into a really engaged, connected audience, but now do so utilising audio’s digital capabilities.

‘We’re using digital audio to supercharge partnerships!’

With radio consistently coming out as Europe’s most trusted medium (EU Barometer), the conversation turned to how audiences rely on radio for news, entertainment and (increasingly after the effects of the pandemic) companionship. The panel discussed how radio is a medium that audiences have real trust with – and why digital developments won’t impact this feeling of connection with listeners. Jenna stressed that when you can bring a hugely trusted media channel and combine it with digital capabilities, it’s providing brands with everything they need from a platform and is a safe way to layer on innovation in the context of trust and brand safety.

‘With radio as the most trusted medium, to be able to layer innovation on top of that is really interesting’

Renowned creative Al Young also discussed his work in developing audio identities for brands including Ocado – and why sonics and voice overs play such an important role in an effective audio campaign. Goddstuff’s Sam Austin also explored audio’s continued innovation and why it has resulted in more digital first brands turning to radio, for example On The Beach, who have put audio at the heart of their marketing proposition.

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