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22 September 2023

Dave Berry, Leona Graham and more celebrate 15 years of Absolute Radio

For 15 years, Absolute Radio has entertained millions of people across the UK, with its passion for music, bold entertainment and a unique connection with every listener. The station has pushed technological boundaries in audio, introducing a first-of-its-kind simultaneous broadcast across the plethora of its Absolute decade and spin off stations. Across 10 stations, its broad range of music offers songs spanning six decades, along with classic rock and country anthems.


Absolute Radio has become synonymous with live music and comedy, putting on iconic gigs with the world’s biggest bands and funniest stand ups. These gigs have raised more than a quarter of a million pounds for various charities.

The station has a loyal army of listeners and as of last month, 15 years after starting, Absolute delivered its biggest ever listening figures. Absolute Radio has also been part of the podcast revolution with Frank Skinner’s radio show podcast delivering 100 million listens since it launched in 2009.

Great music, big laughs and iconic events are part of the secret to Absolute’s success, but nothing is more important than the very special bond between presenter and listener. So, we’ve spoken to some of our favourite Absolute Radio presenters to hear about their highlights from the last 15 years.


Dave Berry

In 5 years of presenting on Absolute Radio, the breakfast show’s Dave Berry has a lot to reminisce about. Some of his stand-out memories include fast cars, Hollywood stars and YOU!


Claire Sturgess

Claire Sturgess took a moving trip down memory lane discussing her time at the station (spoiler alert; a Spider From Mars makes an appearance).


Ben Burrell

“Nothing sums up Absolute Radio like being passive aggressive and overly petty” – we love Ben Burrell’s highlight of pranking a listener for an entire summer – would you go this far for Milli Vanilli?


Danielle Perry

There’s lots for Danielle Perry to look back on, with amazing live music moments from Iggy Pop to interviewing Bjork after an all night party. With her time at Absolute dating from 2015, it’s not surprising that she has so many fond memories to look back on!


Sarah Champion

Broadcasting from Hyde Park during the Olympics with the Red Arrows flying above is a pretty amazing highlight! Not to mention being live at Isle Of Wight every year and meeting Fleetwood Mac – Sarah Champion’s favourite moments from the last 15 years of Absolute Radio are some thing very special.


Leona Graham

Who doesn’t love an 80s anthem? Leona Graham certainly does, so much so that the inception of Absolute 80s is one of her highlights from 15 years of Absolute Radio.