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23 May 2023

Media360 2023: Which medium was deemed the most trusted? 

With trust a big word on everyone’s lips this year, industry leaders at last week’s Media360 event were asked which media channel they deem the most trustworthy.

In a session hosted by Bauer’s Chief Creative Officer Lucie Cave, delegates including CEOs, leading marketers and agency leaders from some of the world’s biggest brands voted in ‘The Big Trust Debate’.

A wide range of views were represented in the session, with panellists Rachel Forde (former CEO of UM London), Dom Dwight (Marketing Director at Yorkshire Tea), Melanie Kentish (Managing Director of influencer agency Gleam Futures) and Alex Baker (Head of Creative Strategy at Bauer) discussing one of ad land’s hottest topics.

The audience voted on a number of pertinent topics surrounding the question of trust in media. Rachel Forde leaned on her experience running agency UM London to argue that research showed that Europe’s most trusted media is radio, a platform that is “regulated and where ads are independently cleared”. In a runaway vote, radio came out as the number one most trusted medium, followed by publishing and TV.

Other areas of debate included the need for wider regulation. Alex Baker highlighted the importance of regulating digital platforms to avoid exposure to unsafe content, something Gleam’s Melanie Kentish agreed with. In a vote to decide which advertising trait should be taken most seriously by marketers, brand safety and trust came out trumps, ahead of ROI, targeting and reach.

The debate highlighted the importance of factoring trust into any media plan and, with 61% of UK people expressing trust in radio, the platform can be relied on when building a brand-safe media plan.

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