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31 May 2023

Podcast Show: How is the digital revolution impacting audio advertising? 

With digital innovation impacting all aspects of our lives, how is it affecting audio advertising? For both listeners and advertisers, the possibilities and touch points are ever increasing.

Last week, Bauer Media’s Chief Content and Music Officer Ben Cooper chaired a panel with mSix&Partners’ Investment Business Director Demi Abiola, Head of Business Development at Octave Nadia Holmes and St Luke’s’ Chief Creative Officer Al Young at The Podcast Show; all of which agreed that brands are not currently utilising the full potential of audio advertising.

With the help of a study by Ipsos and graph created by Applied Brand Science (below), Al demonstrated the impact that sound can have for a brand. Whilst one of the lowest used tools in advertising, audio and sonic branding is the aspect audiences are most attentive to. The panel cited the success of Compare the Market’s meerkat ambassadors and the fact that audiences never tire of 20th Century Fox’s ident at the start of a film, proving the power of sound.

“You can avert your eyes, but you can’t avert your ears.” – Al Young

But it doesn’t stop there – audio advertising is more than just sound. With digital transformation supercharging the industry, Demi mentioned how fragmentation is allowing more choices than ever for advertisers to choose from; ranging from spot advertising, podcast reads and contextual targeting. Nadia elaborated on digital audio’s granular targeting, providing examples of how advertisers can use data to even target audiences via platform, phone model, broadband provider and local weather.

Following Media 360 the previous week and the fact that radio was deemed the most trusted medium, the panel also dived deep into trust; discussing how audiences trust radio presenters, podcasters and how linear listening ensures brand safety.

As the panel wrapped up, the experts were asked what’s next for audio advertising? Whilst audio currently dominates the kitchen – with many audiences tuning into radio or digital audio on their smart speakers whilst cooking – Ben stated that the next step is to ensure digital audio is embedded into the connected car. As technology continues to innovate and audiences develop new habits, it is essential that the medium does too. At Bauer and across the industry, we’re continuously developing to ensure the best experiences for listeners and advertisers alike – so watch this space.

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