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14 February 2019

Bauer Media Confirms Lead as UK’s Biggest Magazine Publisher

Bauer Media is No 1 in: TV Listings, Real-Life, Photography, Motorcycling and Women’s Weeklies

Bella retains its No 1 position in the Women’s Weekly Classics Market

TV Choice is still the UK’s biggest-selling magazine 

Take a Break is the UK’s No 1 selling women’s magazine 

Grazia, Closer and heat increase their circulations this period

    • Bauer Media retains its position as the UK’s biggest selling magazine publisher, with total annual reported copies circulated of over 150m in the last twelve months.
    • In the Women’s Weeklies Classics Bella (weekly) retains its No 1 position, delivering POP and YOY increases and extending its leadership with a 5% increase in market share YOY.
    • No 1 in TV listings (the UK’s biggest magazine category by volume) with TV Choice and Total TV Guide. Bauer titles account for 43% of the market.
    • Bauer continues significant leadership of the Real-Life category with a 5% share of the market
    • heat is the only title in the celebrity weekly market to see both a POP and YOY increase.
    • Closer, heat and Grazia all increase their weekly circulations this period, with heat outperforming the celebrity weekly market.
    • Garden Answers posts 11th successive YOY ABC increase with double digit growth while Garden News is the No 1 weekly gardening title.
    • Country Walking magazine sees its 3rd consecutive year of ABC growth.

Commenting on the results, Rob Munro-Hall, Group Managing Director, Bauer Magazine Media UK said: “It’s great to see so many Bauer brands leading their categories and demonstrating how they understand, entertain and delight their audiences every week and every month. This comes at an exciting time with new industry research (Magnetic’s Pay Attention research) reinforcing the effectiveness of magazines in providing a positive, relevant and trusted environment where consumer attention is at its most receptive meaning. Magazines deliver quality attention at exceptional value to advertisers. Our focus on curating the highest quality content continues to drive engagement on all platforms – with print remaining proudly at the heart of what we do.”

Highlights this period

TV Listings


  • TV Choice (weekly) remains the No 1 title in the UK –selling over 1.1million copies a week and increasing the gap in copy sales against its nearest competitor. TV Choice considerably outperforms the market trend YOY.
  • Total TV Guide (weekly) is the best performing title YOY, selling 92,427 copies a week.
  • Market share for both TV Choice and Total TV Guide has increased YOY, they are the only titles to see share growth YOY.



  • Bauer continues its significant leadership and dominance in the Real-Life market. Take a Break and that’s life! have both shown market beating performances YOY and both have grown their market share over the same period.
  • Take a Break (weekly) leads the real-life market, selling 463,495 copies.
  • that’s life! (weekly) has shown a market beating performance both POP and YOY selling 190,553 copies a week
  • Take a Break monthly delivers another superb ABC of 191,806 which +6.5% POP.
  • Simply You posts its first ABC of 35.5k copies for the Jul-Dec 18 period. 

Women’s Weekly Classics

  • Bella (weekly) retains its No 1 position in the Women’s Weekly Classics Market, selling 173,017 copies each week and extending its leadership with a 1.8% increase in market share to 31.8%, total ABC.
  • Bella has delivered both POP (+4.1%) and YOY (+5.5%) growth, against declines seen by all its competitors. The title sells on average nearly 40k more per issue than its nearest competitor.

Celebrity Weeklies


  • Closer continues to hold its No 2 position within the celebrity weekly market with 178,806 copies. Closer outperforms the market POP (+1.2%) maintaining its market share YOY and increasing it POP at 17.8%.
  • heat is the only title in the celebrity weekly market to see both a POP and YOY increase (+4.5%) and (+3.4%). The title has also grown its market share and out-performs the celebrity weekly market with 123,948 copies circulated every issue.


  • Grazia (weekly) has outperformed the Glossies market both POP (+0.6%) and YOY; it also increased market share both POP and YOY, circulating 102,585 copies a week.
  • Grazia circulated over 5m copies in the past year.


  • Garden Answers (monthly) continues to grow at an amazing rate posting double-digit growth YOY at +16.2%, its 11th successive YOY ABC growth.
  • Garden News (weekly) retains its position as the No 1 weekly gardening title posting a circulation of 34,881.
  • Modern Gardens (monthly) continues to boost the Bauer Gardening portfolio posting a circulation of 29,472.


  • Yours (fortnightly) circulated 242,516 copies, growing POP.
  • Yours circulated 6.3m copies over the past twelve months.


  • Mother&Baby (monthly) maintains its number 1 position in the parenting market.




  • Practical Photography maintains its No 1 monthly photography magazine position with an ABC of 36,915.
  • Country Walking magazine sees it third consecutive year of ABC growth at 6.5% up YOY to 32,505.
  • Bird Watching has seen a third consecutive period of ABC growth, with an ABC of 15,243, up 7.5% YOY.
  • Steam Railway has had a third successive period of growth Jan-Dec 18 ABC period and is up 0.3% YOY.
  • Model Rail has outperformed the modelling market and has gained market share with an ABC of 24,125.


  • MCN, the weekly voice of British motorcycling, remains the biggest-selling title in the category with a circulation of 56,839. Bauer continues to dominate the Modern Motorcycling market. MCN, stablemates Bike and RiDE are the sector’s next biggest-selling magazines.
  • Classic Bike consolidated its leadership of the Classic Motorcycling market with a circulation figure of 30,646, with Bauer’s Practical Sportsbikes taking the No2 position in the category with 15,678.


    • Influential, inspirational and internationally respected, CAR (monthly) has outperformed the market, averaging 49,629 copies per month.
    • Classic Cars (monthly) has a unique content package that continues to resonate with readers. It outperforms the market, posting a 0.3% YOY growth
    • Classic Car Weekly (weekly) is the UK’s biggest selling title within the classics market in terms of total copies, circulating nearly 1.2m copies (Jan-Dec 2018).

    Bauer Media’s impressive ABC performance follows the launch last week of Magnetic’s (the PPA’s marketing agency for Consumer Magazine Media in the UK) Pay Attention research.  The study found that magazines provide a high-quality advertising experience, a trusted environment and that readers of print magazines have an increased receptivity to advertising. And that magazine media has impressive ROI versus other media.  To read the full report visit

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