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Danielle Perry returns with a new season of Elevenses

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29 October 2021

Absolute Radio presenter and prestigious Hyundai Mercury Prize judge Danielle Perry has returned with a second series of her popular podcast series ‘Elevenses’.

The series welcomes a variety of new celebrities each week, from all walks of life, who join Danielle to answer the same eleven questions which delve into the guests’ past, present and future as well as exploring their views on the world.

Although the questions remain the same in each episode, the answers are always uniquely individual with previous guests from the first series including Karl Pilkington, Sophie Dahl, Jeff Goldblum and Steve Coogan.

This new series begins with chef, author and TV presenter Nadiya Hussain who takes on the questions ‘What’s your earliest memory’, Do you have a recurring dream’ ‘What are you scared of’ and ‘Who is your best friend’.

Speaking on the podcast, Nadia spoke candidly about her battle with anxiety saying “often I meet with people who say it can go away. There are ways of getting rid of anxiety, but I just haven’t got to that point in my life. I am 37 this year, I just kind of live with knowing that I have to manage it my whole life until there is a point where I feel like it will go away or I meet someone who says yes absolutely we can get rid of this. It is in some way such a big part of me, you know I wonder without it would I be as creative as I am, would I articulate myself the way I do, what am I without it. I don’t really know who I am without it. It’s been a big part of me forever.”

She also talked about her husband being her best friend and the reason why he put her up for Bake Off “We had been married 8 or 9 years at this point, and he said look there is something about you, you have kind of lost your spark, there is just not something quite right. I feel like you’ve dedicated almost a decade to looking after us, I feel like you need to do something for you. And why he thought I should go on the biggest baking show in the UK, I don’t know, as someone who suffers with anxiety, but he convinced me and himself that that was the right thing to do. There was a lot of pushing and shoving emotionally, it was something quite hard as it was something I really really didn’t want to do. To a point where I said to him you’ve got to call them, tell them I’m dead, just tell them I died.”

Whilst chatting to Danielle the Bake Off star revealed she was also scared of crows after her brother trapped one in the bedroom when she was younger and that she also had a recurring dream around cheating on her husband.  “I have a dream that I can feel like I’m cheating on my husband…And it’s so weird cause I wake up feeling really guilty because it feels so real and I feel like I’m hiding something from him.”

The first episode of ‘Elevenses with Danielle Perry’ is live now with a new episode each Tuesday. Upcoming guests include comedian Rob Brydon, musician Tim Burgess and DJ Annie Nightingale CBE.

‘Elevenses with Danielle Perry’ is available from Apple podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, the Absolute Radio website and all mainstream podcast providers.


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