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17 December 2021

Gemma Cairney starts 2022 with Scala Radio

As Scala Radio invites listeners to ‘Take A Moment’ to enjoy the calming effects of classical music, TV and Radio presenter Gemma Cairney will be joining Scala Radio to explore the world of classical music throughout January.

January is a time for embracing change, experimenting with new hobbies, and attempting some self-exploration so throughout the month, Gemma will begin her own journey into classical music, taking Scala Radio listeners along for the ride.

The beginning of the year can be a challenging time for many and with this in mind Gemma’s passion about mental health will form a key part of this series. Music has the power to invoke strong emotional reactions and each episode will give listeners an opportunity to learn with Gemma about the power of classical music to help, heal and offer hope in hard times.

Gemma said “It has been calming and exciting starting 2022 by exploring a new genre of music with Scala Radio. Classical music is something quite new to me and I have really got something out of learning about the different eras of Classical and the variety of emotions the music can invoke. The experience has been uplifting, surprising and exciting and I hope the Scala listeners enjoy coming on this journey with me.”

Alongside classical music the series will also dabble in Gemma’s other musical influences and passions.

You can listen to Gemma Cairney Gets Classical on Scala Radio each Sunday from 2nd January from 6-8pm.

Listen on Digital Radio across the UK, on smart speaker and on the Scala Radio app. 


Episode details can be found below:

Episode 1: Let’s Get Started

TX: Sunday 2nd January

On the second day of January, New Year’s Resolutions will be the topic on everyone’s lips, so we’ve invited Gemma to try something new: classical music. She also discusses the importance of a good night’s sleep, spending time outdoors, learning a new hobby and moving away from digital devices.

In this episode, Gemma will also learn about the different eras of classical music, from early music all the way up to the present day. She’ll give her own quirky spin on the facts she learns about important classical composers and attempt to deconstruct the notion that classical music is “snobby”.

Episode 2: It’s About The Journey

Sunday 9th January

Gemma is an avid traveller, having spent her life exploring different parts of the world and the country. In the second episode she’ll explore all the musical hot spots, starting out in the European cities which were the epicentre of classical music in the 17th,18th and 19th centuries. She’ll also discover further flung locations which have links to classical music, from Venezuelan conductors to Chinese pianists, composers with Caribbean heritage to South African string quartets.

Episode 3: Emotional Rollercoaster

Sunday 16th January

Tomorrow is Blue Monday so Gemma’s getting emotional. She’ll explore the calming effects of classical music for people feeling nervous or anxious, as well as the uplifting tunes we use to alleviate feelings of sadness or loneliness. Gemma will chat about insomnia and the power of lullabies to help with sleep and play some of her favourite classical bangers that are sure to put a smile on your face. The end of the show promises to be a proper party, with Gemma hosting a classical DJ set. She promises to bring the energy to any Sunday evening kitchen disco!

Episode 4: Outdoors and Nature

Sunday 23rd January

Here at Scala Radio, lots of our programming is designed to encourage getting out and getting active. As we all know, this can be particularly challenging in January. In the fourth episode of this series, Gemma will be invited to share stories of her favourite outdoor places and activities. She’ll also have the opportunity to chat about the impact of physical exercise and fresh air on our emotional wellbeing.

Gemma will link this to the huge number of classical compositions inspired by the great outdoors and play loads of fantastic tunes in this episode. Whether this is the Romantic composers like Brahms and Beethoven who wrote epic pastoral symphonies, or contemporary composers like Einaudi who released a whole body of work entitled “Seven Days Walking”. There is loads of classically inspired music which celebrates the beauty of nature.

Episode 5: Music and Mindfulness

Sunday 30th January

We’ve made it to the end of January! At the culmination of this 5-part series, Gemma reflects on what she has discovered about classical music. She explores the power of music on the mind and ends the series with a super-chilled mix of mindful tunes. She plays some of her personal favourites in the world of ambient, electronic music and learns about the resurgence in listening to Mindful Music with the advent of streaming services. Gemma dips her toe into the world of TV, film and videogame music, where some of the most cutting edge, creative, classical sounds are being composed by contemporary musicians. She discovers how music from the screen has been crafted to help alleviate anxiety, loneliness and depression.


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