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Bauer Radio Challenge

We’re celebrating Radio Audio Week with #BauerRadioChallenge Give us your hardest brief and we’ll mock-up a creative audio solution – all for free!

As part of Radio Audio Week (RAW) starting 14 May, we’re launching #BauerRadioChallenge inviting advertisers and agencies to test the limits of our creative powers and unrivalled audience insight by submitting your hardest briefs.

For one week only, during RAW, brands can access our creative teams across all of our multiple touchpoints e.g. airtime, digital, events, sponsorship and promotions. We guarantee to mock up how the creative could sound, all for free.

Advertisers have a unique and limited time opportunity to potentially reach our 18M listeners through the creative campaign we create.

How to take part:

Just email your brief to: and when submitting please be sure to provide the following information so our teams can create the sharpest, most relevant mock-up:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Best contact number
  • Company
  • Title
  • Overview of the project
  • Client name [optional]
  • Client objectives
  • Target audience

Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter @BauerMedia saying you’ve just entered the #BauerRadioChallenge

The #BauerRadioChallenge will be live from 7 May to the end of RAW on 18 May and a Bauer rep will be in touch with a mock-up.

Terms and conditions: by taking part in the Bauer Radio Challenge, you give us the right to use the mock-ups we create in our promotional activity. Please note we will discuss this with you first and would never promote work without your knowledge or agreement.