Kerrang! is the most exciting youth culture brand in existence. We’re everywhere our audience lives. 

Founded thirty-four years ago, an event that was as seismic as events go within the publishing industry, let alone music, we’re also a radio station, a TV channel, we’re on tablet, we’re mobile, a social behemoth, we’re an awards ceremony and we’re a tour. Where young people go to be thrilled by loud sounds, it’s most likely Kerrang! is there too.



Kerrang! Radio

What happens when you mix passion, entertainment and edginess with the best of today’s rock music? You get Kerrang! Radio. With 920,000 listeners a week, Kerrang! Radio opens the door to the world of today’s biggest rock bands. Kerrang! radio targets 15-34 men who want to be in touch with what is happening in the world of rock right now. Music, gigs and downloads are their passion but they also love movies and gaming. They are pulled from pillar to post with messages from all areas of life on a daily basis, so the station engages them in various touch points as a trusted guide, whether listening on radio, via the Kerrang! Radio app, online or through social media.

As well as the magazine, we’re also a record-breaking website – the most successful digital launch in Bauer Media’s history in fact - that attracts a truly astounding 8 million page views per month as well as engaging with its readers via its 745,000 Facebook fans, 583,000 Twitter followers and 78,000 Instagram followers. Recent Kerrang! projects – such as the hit Green Day American Idiot covers album – saw Kerrang! trend worldwide for three days.

Kerrang! TV

Kerrang! is also the market leading, award-winning TV channel with all the biggest and best videos as well as originally filmed interviews and content. We attract over 12K more viewers every month than MTV Rocks! - 2014 saw 14% of all TV viewers tune into Kerrang!

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