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Display Ad Specs

Display Ads Formats


Format Device Ad Size
Standard Leaderboard Desktop, Tablet 728×90
Standard Mobile Leaderboard Mobile 320×50
Standard MPU All 300×250
High Impact Billboard Desktop 970×250
High Impact Mobile Billboard Mobile 320×100
High Impact Double MPU All 300×600
Premium Native All Responsive
Premium Mobile Interscroller Mobile 300×600
Premium Socially Inspired Rich Media Mobile Multi (built in house)
Takeovers Standard Takeover All Multi
Takeovers Hero Takeover All Responsive


Standard Display Ads




Mobile Leaderboard






High Impact Display Ads




Mobile Billboard


Double MPU

Premium Display Ads



Custom Native formats run on select sites.

Please follow the links for the specific specs:  Bauer Native – All Site


Mobile Interscroller (Direct)

The Bauer SCROLLR is a mobile only format, available on the below sites:

  • – Homepage & Articles
  • – Homepage & Articles
  • – Homepage & Articles
  • – Homepage & Articles
  • – Homepage & Articles

Bauer Scrollr Specs


Mobile Interscroller (Third party tag)

We also serve Mobile Interscroller via Mobkoi (third party tag):


Socially Inspired Rich Media

Illuminate offers a range of socially-inspired format designed to reach engaged users as they read editorial content, with eye-catching and impactful creative.
These formats are intuitive, interactive, and optimised for mobile devices.



Hero and Standard Takeovers

We do not accept 3rd party creative tags for the skin file or hero images on takeovers.
However you may provide impression/click trackers to be implemented onto the skin.
The supplied skin file or hero images must be a static file – format: JPG, PNG.

For more information, visit the our Takeovers page.