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Display & Video Ad Specifications

Bauer Media supports the IAB LEAN initiative, follows IAB Guidelines, and supports the Better Ads Standards.
If supplying ad tags, please note we only accept Secure SSL (https) tags and ensure you include the AdChoices logo on your third-party served creative.




Supplying Creative

Please supply all secure creatives at least 3 full working days before go live date.
Creative updates to live campaigns will take up to 4 working hours.
Screengrabs and completed basic campaign reports will be available within 1 working day of campaign end. Illuminate reports take up to 10 working days.

Contact us at: creative [at] bauermedia [dot] co [dot] uk


Secure Creatives – SSL Compliancy

All third-party tags, assets and tracking pixels must be SSL to avoid mixed content errors and the ad failing to serve. Any tags that are or contain non-SSL will not be served and re-requested from the supplier. This may delay the start of your campaign at a cost to you, not Bauer Media. Any creative hosted by us must also follow these specs.

Non-SSL click-through URLs are accepted, although SSL click-through URLs are preferred.


Chrome Heavy Ads Intervention (HAI)

The Chrome Heavy Ads Intervention (HAI) removes ads in Chrome and Edge the browser determines may be using too many resources at one time. They have a set criteria for this based on computer resource usage. If an ad is removed it is down to the creative provider to redesign the ad based on the HAI criteria. Bauer Media are not the cause for the ad removal in browser, and are not responsible for resolving the creative issue unless we designed the creative.


HTML5 Creatives

All rich media ads must be HTML5. These can be supplied as tags from approved third-party rich media vendors or as ZIP files. We are happy to certify your choice of HTML5 vendor. Please speak to your sales contact to arrange this, allowing for as much time as possible for testing and approval before start date. We require a week to complete this testing and it may take longer if fixes are required from the vendor to run on Bauer Media websites.

Zip Files

HTML5 files must be provided in a .zip format file. Unzipped creatives will be rejected and asked to be resupplied. These must include a Google Ad Manager compliant click tag, and any third-party trackers should be implemented into the ad. All external calls must use SSL. Please only include files pertaining to the working of the ad within this.


Expandable creatives must be supplied as third-party tags, not zip files.

We can also build and host your HTML5 ads for you. Please speak to sales to arrange this. 


General guidelines for Rich Media vendors

  • Polite load files should be downloaded after the window.ready event
  • No use of Web-SQL server database, Web-Storage, IndexDB
  • No use of WebSockets, WebWorkers
  • No FileSystem API or Geolocation API access
  • Animation length: 30 seconds max


Brand Safety

Bauer Media UK is an entertainment network of iconic, multi-platform brands. In the UK, we reach 25m consumers. Our portfolio includes Heat, KISS, Grazia, Empire, Motorcycle News, Parkers, TV Choice, Take a Break, Magic and Absolute Radio. Our scale, breadth and multimedia portfolio gives us an advantages over pure play competitors.

We utilise consent management platforms on all our sites, which are all TAG compliant.

Ads placed with us will always appear on our portfolio of high quality, brand safe sites. Our advertising terms and conditions can be found here.

In the unlikely event that an ad is displayed next to content that is considered inappropriate,

Bauer Media will remove the advert within one working day. To raise a brand safety issue, email with the subject line “Brand Safety request to remove ad”, and include the following information in the body of the email:

  • Your booking reference
  • The buyer’s name, if different to the advertiser’s name (agency name)
  • The advertiser’s name
  • A screen grab of the issue including the ad in question
  • The URL the issue occurred on
  • Your contact details (we may need to contact you for further details)


Data, Security & Cookie Use

  • We are GDPR compliant and gather consent before Illuminate ads are served.
  • Cookies may be used for controlling delivery and frequency capping only.
  • We do not allow cookies to be dropped for retargeting purposes outside of the Bauer network without prior consent.
  • Content verification and measurement tools such as AdSafe or Integral Ad Science may be used for your reporting purposes only.
  • We do not allow content verification services to block delivery at creative level.
  • Any blank impressions served which are caused by these tools are still chargeable.