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Video Ads Specs

Radio Players

Our Radio Players run video ads exclusively as pre-roll before the audio stream e.g.
Pre-roll plays on user-initiated start of the audio stream.

This is sold in one of two ways:

  • Part of Radio Player Takeover – Click for here more information.
  • Programmatic video ad serving – Contact programmatic [at] bauermedia [dot] co [dot] uk for more information.

Please note: at the current moment in time, we do not offer video ad serving on our YouTube channels.



In Article Videos

In-article video ads are ads with video-only creatives, which appear between paragraphs of editorial content, existing as a standalone branded message.

It is supported on mobile web, tablet, and desktop inventory.


Direct Campaigns

When supplying video assets to be uploaded and served through the Bauer ad server, please provide high-quality files following the below specs.

This allows us to create optimised versions for different devices, browsers and connection speeds.

We accept externally hosted URLs or ad manager hosted creatives (video file supplied).

We currently do not support VPAID tags.


Aspect Ratios/Minimum Resolution
Horizontal 1280×960 (4:3), 1280×720 (16:9)
Vertical 720×1280 (9:16)

We recommend providing at minimum 1 horizontal video as this will allow creative to deliver across all devices.

Optimal creative would be 1 horizontal and 1 vertical video to allow for optimised delivery.

Support File Types
MP4, 3GPP & MOV H264, MPEG4 video, & AAC audio
AVI MJPEG video & PCM audio
MPEGPS MPEG2 video & MP2 audio
File Size Limitations
Minimum 4kb
Maximum 4mb
Minimum 1500 kbit/s
Maximum 30 seconds
Auto-play No
Vast Tags
VAST version minimum 2.0
VAST version maximum 4.2

Please ensure your VAST tags use the correct template for their version
Please build all tracking into the VAST tag.

Format demostration.

Test your vast tag here.



See more details here.




Direct sell on B2B sites only: Fleet News, Commercial Fleet, AM Online.

Example and more info: Teads on Fleet News

Please contact for more information: b2bpm [at] bauermedia [dot] co [dot] uk