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Shining a light on the UK’s most valuable audiences

Bauer Illuminate is Bauer Media’s premium, data-led targeted advertising solution across digital display and video.

Using Bauer’s rich first-party data, advertisers can target more than 400 different audiences across our trusted, brand-safe audio and publishing portfolio – throughout the purchase funnel. Our targeting spans categories including autos, business, entertainment, lifestyle, motorcycling, outdoor, and parenting.

Illuminate also unlocks detailed insights and actionable recommendations to help advertisers understand who is viewing and engaging with their activity.

Our first-party approach is futureproof, reaching 100% of Bauer’s consented users now and after third-party cookies are phased out.


Turn our audiences into your customers

  • Tailored to your objectives, most of our audiences are available in funnel stages from awareness to intent, based on recency, frequency, dwell time, scroll depth, and types of content read.
  • Bauer does not rely on third-party data, and data is processed securely on the user’s device – unlocking opportunities to target in real-time, in all browsing environments.
  • We can layer data such as age brand, gender, social grade, and geographic region to help you refine your audience.


A full-service data solution


A brand-safe, trusted environment

Bauer Media UK is certified by:







Bauer Media UK is committed to:

  • Improving the digital ad experience and ecosystem
  • Proactively delivering on industry demand for transparency
  • Supporting cross-industry, independently verified programmes
  • Assuring our clients they can trade with confidence


Illuminate delivers positive, full funnel outcomes

Awareness/Interest – YouTube Kids (Parenting & Families)

  • Changing parents’ perceptions of YouTube.
  • 30% increase in positive sentiment, and significant increases in viewability / engagement rates.

Awareness/Interest – Premium High Street Retailer (Beauty Enthusiasts)

  • Raising awareness of new beauty range.
  • 10% increase in purchase consideration, and 6% increase in positive sentiment for established brand.

Engagement – Bike Safety Campaign (Motorbike Owners)

  • Raising awareness of bike safety and driving users to our branded content.
  • 39% lift in CTR and 199% lift in unique engagement vs run of site.

Intent – EV Brand (Auto Intent)

  • Like for like comparison against legacy keyword targeting showed 50% increase in CTR, and +68% engagement.


Available via PMP, PG and Direct buys

Available via non-guaranteed PMP display buys across supported SSPs Available via programmatic guaranteed or direct display buys.
Access to twenty key audiences across the Bauer portfolio. Access to all Illuminate targeting options across the Bauer portfolio.
No funnel targeting available. Full funnel targeting available.
Tools including optimisation, creative, insight, measurement, sync, and graph unavailable. Tools including optimisation, creative, insight, measurement, sync, and graph available.


Safe, trusted and futureproof

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Find the Bauer UK Display & Video Ad Specs here.