The Challenge

To increase awareness and consideration of Gumtree’s ‘For Sale’ and ‘Motors’ pillars and deliver compelling reasons to drive actions of visiting, listing and replying to ads.

The Insight

Every weekday morning Ronan Keating & Harriet Scott take to the airwaves to present the fun, warm, real radio show Magic Breakfast, getting Magic listeners into the best morning mood. In partnering Magic Breakfast, Gumtree aligned themselves with the positive morning energy the duo inspire to their 1.1m strong audience and encourage them to ‘make it happen’.

The idea

Gumtree became the official sponsor of Magic Breakfast with Ronan Keating & Harriet Scott, giving them the endorsement of not only Magic; but two of the biggest names in UK radio!

The duo delivered Gumtree’s key messages in a natural engaging tone that encouraged listeners to be proactive and seize the day. For 22 weeks, a weekly show feature saw Ronan & Harriet invite listeners to visit a co-branded creative page where they would submit an item to sell Magic Radio and for how much. The duo selected items to purchase which Magic Radio ‘jazzed up’ by adding tickets for a gig or getting a celebrity to sign the item, before reselling on Gumtree at a profit.

100% of the payment received for the ‘jazzed up’ items on Gumtree was donated to our charity Cash For Kids at the end of the campaign, with Gumtree matching the target donation.


Gumtree set the objectives and Bauer delivered!

  • A 9% increase unprompted brand awareness for Gumtree
  • A 6% increase in those buying from Gumtree overall
  • A 5% increase in consideration
  • A 3% positive opinion of Gumtree
  • An 11% rise among the target market

Working together, Gumtree and Bauer absolutely smashed the £5k target, raising more than 14k for our Cash For Kids charity.