Case studies


The Challenge

At all times, KFC want to be at the forefront of their customers minds especially for those looking to get their fix of fiery chicken fun.

KFC want to generate more crave moments at the right time, with the right audience, to drive the behaviour of 'one more visit'.


  1. Dominate the crave’by dominating the key time of 4pm-7pm and ensure KFC is front of mind and forms a big part of conversation and culture.
  2. Drive the crave’ by integrating KFC into the conversation at key times.
  3. Purchase the crave’ by incorporating KFC product and pricing to drive purchase.KISS presenter Tyler holding a bag of KFC, alongside stills of the campaigns' video content.

KFC needed a partner with a brand that could ‘inspire uplift and increase frequency of visits’ plus, crucially ‘create more occasions for people to purchase’. It was clear that our strategy needed to generate more crave moments at the right time (4-7pm) with the right audience.

At Bauer we knew the KISS audience and KFC were a match made in heaven.KISS logo / KFC Chicken

KISS enables KFC to bolster their fun, quirky, cheeky tone of voice to further engage core customers, unlocking ways of working together to react to cultural moments that play a part within the KISS audiences’ day to day life.

The KISS & KFC partnership was served.

The idea

The KFC X KISS partnership was centred around Tyler’s show on KISS, who seamlessly integrated KFC into the editorial of his show each week.

His ‘Everyday Elite’ featured Tyler celebrating Emily, the Manager of Hounslow KFC, who led the first KFC to reopen after lockdown. During ‘Take on Tyler’ he took on Michael, the Manager of Waterloo, to see who knew the KFC menu better.

Other features included the Chicken Roll Call, bringing as many audience members as possible to air and having them shout out their KFC order

‘Wing it Through the Phone’ to ‘Cluck off it’s Friday’ and more.

KISS presenter Tyler eating KFC, screenshot from KISS

KFC were fully integrated into co-creating disruptive, genuine and authentic content.

This led to higher and more authentic interaction during the show. 


images of the campaign in action, screenshots of social posts


Logo of



agree the campaign made them want to purchase KFC, with 56% making a KFC purchase after seeing/hearing the campaign.


are buying more KFC than in the last 6 months.


increase in KFC brand affinity.

“The KISS Partnership surpassed all of our expectations, from the basics of truly amazing media value and frequency, to Tyler fully embracing our brand. This is the most integrated radio sponsorship we have worked on at Mindshare for some years. The passion shown by the production team and presenting staff gave the campaign a cultural potency we couldn’t have foreseen, helping KFC return to pre-lockdown sales results and putting KISS at the heart of our 2021 planning for the brand.”