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Getting the Right Tone

Lockdown has changed the rules for brands and advertisers so how your brand chooses to behave during this crisis could have a lasting effect on its brand health.

It is more critical than ever for brands to find the right tone to communicate safely and effectively as consumers become increasingly judgemental and open to brand switching. Efforts to adopt advertising tone & messaging in response to consumers’ changing priorities are proving to be effective.

Continued, positive engagement with locked down audiences is important but getting the TONE of those communications right is vital if you want to leave the consumer with the right FEELING.

  • 87% still want to hear from favourite brands during lockdown
  • 85% now expect advertising content to be non-exploitative
  • 91% having already switched brands since the outbreak
  • 85% will revise their brand loyalties post lockdown
  • Over half favour brands showing positive actions for the community
  • Ads adapted to the COVID-19 crisis get almost 15% more attention than those that fail to respond

Helping You Find The Right Tone Right Now

Bauer Adventure is the creative process throuh which we devise impactful solutions for commercial partners across our network of iconic brands. We draw from our insight and data and the instincts of our content creators to create stand out campaigns that deliver results.

We Want To Understand Your Needs

The team will work with you to understand your specific challenges at this time whether you need someone to create your display or on-air or to finesse your messaging & tone to make them lockdown appropriate. No budget is too big or too small – we will simply design a solution to efficiently reach as much of the audience as the budget allows.

We Have An Expert Tone Team

During lockdown, Bauer Adventure is offering a brand-new service to Bauer clients to help find solutions to the unique challenges they face. A team has been assembled from Bauer’s content, creative and commercial to help with your specific creative needs during lockdown & beyond.

We Make Good Stuff Happen

We use our insight and instinct to create simple and scablable campaigns with the right tone and appropriate messaging that will meaningfully and safely connect with audiences.

We Are Everywhere You Need To Be

Bauer reaches over 25million consumers every week through the Uk’s most influential brand network.

We Deliver Simply Great Results

We are already working with our customers to revise brand communications and ensure their campaigns are appropriate and relevant for locked down audiences.

We Have Unique & Diverse Audience Insight

Nobody knows how to communicate with our audiences better than we do. We know exactly what will resonate with them on-air, on-social, in print and online.

We Can Help You Find The Right Tone Right Now

Contact your Bauer representative for more information or email

Data was gathered between 9th-13th April from the Bauer Media Insiders panel. Sample size 1495 nationally representative weighted on gender, age, social, grade & region. Lumen eye tracking research April 2020.