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Planet Rock

Planet Rock is where rock lives. It is authoritative, self-assured and rock to the core. Well, respected by artists and labels alike and with over 1 million listeners a week, the station is a celebration of all forms of rock including classic, metal, blues, southern, prog and everything inbetween. They play the rock giants, the influencers, the ones who made it happen and those that keep the rock flag flying high today. The vast record collection covers everything from Led Zeppelin and Halestorm to AC/DC and Those Damn Crows.

The daytime presenters Paul Anthony, Wyatt and Darren Redick and presenter of the Late Show, Jen Thomas are joined by a host of rock legends including Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott who takes centre stage Saturday night, whilst Elles Bailey takes listeners on a musical journey every Saturday Lunchtime.

Guns N Roses’ Duff McKagan and his wife Susan Holmes McKagan are the latest rock royalty to host a show on Planet Rock with their show ‘Three Chords & The Truth’. Each week the biggest names in rock into the station to tell their stories, their life in music, their influences and what makes them tick with “My Planet Rocks”, airing every Sunday evening.

It’s not all about the stars though, it’s about the Planet Rock listeners too and the community they bring to the station. They are let loose an hour a day with the playlist, letting them pick the music they want to hear in their “Rock Block” and “The Planet Rock Jukebox”.


Live music is an integral part of the evolution of rock and they’re helping to maintain that tradition with the flagship event Planet Rockstock. This annual four-day festival which launched in 2013, has more than 30 bands performing live and brings together listeners and fans from around the country for celebrate the love of rock music.

In 2015 they packed their suitcases and took Planet Rockstock to Marrakech for a sold-out week of rock in the sun and two years later in 2017, Planet Rock launched Planet Rock’s Winter’s End. The three-day event celebrates the best new and upcoming bands along with some classic bands.

The station also opened the door to some of the biggest artists in the world to come into Planet Rock to perform live acoustic sessions. Slash, Alter Bridge and Nightwish to name a few, creating amazing radio, video and social content. Planet Rock has created two brilliant compilation CDs of amazing tracks. Go to any rock concert and you’re sure to see someone wearing some Planet Rock merchandise.

Planet Rock works with artists to help raise money to support the charity Cash for Kids. In 2023, Planet Rock launched three t-shirts designed by Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Wood, Judas Priests Rob Halford and graphic artist Rodney Matthews. All profit from the sale of the t-shirts went to Cash for Kids, raising £40k.  In 2024, the station ran a new T-shirt campaign, with new artists, Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) and Tony Wright (Terrorvision) raising even more money for Cash For Kids

To the Planet Rock listener and the Planet Rock team, music isn’t something that is just liked, it is quite simply a way of life – it is part of the DNA. For many, the rock community provides a warm and welcoming home, and for most, once they’ve stepped inside, they never want to leave.

Planet Rock is at the beating heart of that community, a trusted voice sparking constant conversations within it.

The audience aren’t interested in passing love-affairs with an artist at the time, they are The Dedicated who only allow their views and tastes to be shaped by those that they trust implicitly – and once they have been sold on something, they are a fan for life.

Put any misconceptions aside, sure the suit comes off at night, but by day the audience are running companies and consulting on major projects. They are homeowners, car owners, have kids in university, firmly believe that quality is worth paying for, and most importantly of all, their dedication means that they are very hard to reach.

You can listen to Planet Rock on Digital Radio, on your Smart Speaker, via an App and online at or reach the station socially on Instagram, Facebook, and X. @planetrockradio

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