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Belonging at Bauer

We refer to our approach to diversity and inclusion in the UK business as 'Belonging at Bauer', recognising that people are at the heart of everything we do and every person deserves to be their true selves at work.

Inclusion is at the core of our business values. Diversity is everything we celebrate as a business, valuing the richness that authenticity and difference bring.

From a practical perspective, Belonging at Bauer means that we do everything we can to ensure equality of opportunity for everyone who works at Bauer or wants to work at Bauer. We work hard to level the playing field for those from under-represented groups (including, but not limited to, those from an ethnic minority background, those who have a disability or mental health challenge and those from a lower socio-economic background), recognising that the support we provide people will allow them to shine in the same way as their colleagues who sit in the 'majority' workplace demographic. This applies to everything: from the way we attract and recruit new people into Bauer Media, to the ways we develop and progress our people.

We encourage everyone who works at Bauer Media to take responsibility for our culture, working proactively to include their colleagues, and influence our brands to reach, engage and inspire a diverse audience. Our people understand that they are guardians of our culture and are empowered to call it out when they see something which doesn’t sit with our values. 

Belonging at Bauer is all about making sure that every person who works with us feels like they are able to be their full selves at work. We’re doing a lot of work to ensure this is the experience of everyone who works here, and we work hard to ensure that our recruitment processes are as inclusive as they can possibly be, to reflect our culture, and encourage the most diverse talent to apply to join us.

We’re constantly working on our culture, and our Belonging at Bauer forum is at the heart of this work. They are 20 passionate activists from across our business, at all levels and from all locations. They work tirelessly to ensure that we are always evolving. The business recently recognised the achievements of this group through the awarding of the first ever “Game Changers” award at our Bauer Media Awards.

We've created multiple assets to help us further develop and embed our Diversity and Inclusion strategy, including our Cultural Calendar, which aknowledges over 97 cultural events and is regularly updated with suggestion from our people. Additionally, We have broken down our strategy into a simple Belonging at Bauer one-pager, to help promote understanding of our goals as a business to prioritise Diversity and Inclusion. Finally, from insight gained from our people in a recent survey, we have listed the 10 Reasons You Belong at Bauer file, which showcases real people's opinions of Belonging at Bauer, and promotes what we stand for as a business.

We're also proud of the external commitments we make as we continue working to ensure our business is as representative of our UK audiences as possible. This includes being signatories of the Business in the Community's Race at Work Charter and its five key commitments, plus the Social Mobility Pledge and its commitment to provide outreach to schools, collegues and young people from lower socio economic backgrounds:

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Values are at the heart of everything we do, representing how we work and showing our commitment to the people working here. 

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