International Advertising

More about Bauer Media's International Sales operation

Today, a multi-brand media solution is the most effective way to reach and engage with an international audience. At Bauer Media International we customize media solutions around the people that matter to you.

Bauer Media Group’s international portfolio of 600+ magazines, 400+ digital products and 100+ radio and TV stations allow our customers to connect with over 200 million engaged consumers on a local level. By leveraging our market knowledge across 15 countries, we can provide our customers with valuable insight on international audiences. And we will engage our in-house creative and editorial talent to originate ideas that complement these audiences’ media experience. We help our customers to tell a story that will not interrupt the content experience but add to it and hence create deep engagement with a brand message to inspire positive commercial actions.

For further information on how we do this please contact:

Nina Fletcher

International Sales Director

t: +44 20 3879 2216