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25 March 2021

Women are optimistic about 2021 and ready to spend in-store, on the high street and on brands that champion social issues

A year since the UK entered lockdown and with the return to normality in the distance, leading women’s brand Grazia has conducted a new research study into women to better understand their current mindset, changing consumer behaviour, new priorities and attitudes to media and brands. The study, titled the ‘Grazia: The Gamechangers 3.0’, builds on previous research conducted in 2015 and 2018, shedding new light on the lives of ABC1 women aged 25-44. The research found that, after a year of lockdown, working from home, not socialising with friends and home schooling, women are excited and hopeful for 2021. This year will be the year of spontaneity, spending more and particularly supporting high street brands, brands that focus on social issues and the environment, and skincare, health and wellbeing brands.

Many women felt held back last year, with 25-34-year-olds in particular stating that moving back with parents has made them desperate to regain momentum in 2021. With 45% saving money in 2020 and 70% stating that they are hopeful and looking ahead, big plans are on the agenda, from travel, events, career changes and location:

  • Women missed travelling and going on holiday the most (80%), followed by eating out (77%), going to bars/pubs/clubs (56%), going to the cinema/theatre (53%) and in-store shopping (42%)
  • 58% missed being spontaneous
  • 47% are likely to seek to make changes in their career, especially as geographic location is now less critical
  • 31% are likely to move or buy a new home this year

2020 was also a year of reflection and education, with 44% using the time to reassess their priorities, 77% making an effort to learn more about social issues and the pandemic leading to many to work on their wellbeing, physical and mental health and authentic self:

  • 86% agree that they have a duty to not just care about social issues but to act
  • 63% want to shop for more sustainable fashion
  • 77% consider wellness to be just as important as physical health
  • 55% want to support high street brands after tough year
  • 52% will be focusing more on skincare in 2021 than ever before
  • 63% will look for more health and wellness advice
  • 44% learnt more about being and wellness

In addition to this presenting a lot of opportunity for health and wellness brands, the study found that in order to stay relevant, all brands must be on the forefront of social issues; discussing subjects such as gender equality, racism and the poverty gap. 77% of respondents think that brands should be doing more to pay all ethnicities equally and 85% think they need to do more than be a ‘trend supporter’ when it comes to supporting causes and showing definitive action.

In response to the findings and to ensure Grazia continues to stay relevant and relatable with its audiences, Grazia has introduced various initiatives, brands and partnership content. In addition to including more health and wellness content, to cater for its audience’s appetite for more skincare advice and information, Grazia partnered with SkinCeuticals to launch Grazia Skin Sessions, its first virtual skincare event.

To support its readers who are mothers or have childcare responsibilities, Grazia launched The Juggle earlier this year, a new social community offering insight, advice and content for parenting. Plus, with many citing that they will be making major life changes in 2021, Grazia has teamed up with Winning Edge to offer support and expert advice for readers in order to cope with change – whether that is to new jobs, homes and lives – and a course will be available for audiences to join later this year.

Grazia also continues to drive change – it’s a leading voice for gender equality with its Mind the Pay Gap and Ban the Rough Sex Defence petitions, and has recently launched a new ‘Save Our Shops’ campaign to encourage audiences to support independent boutiques.

Hattie Brett, Grazia Editor said, “This new research really shows how The Game Changers who make up Grazia’s audience have spent the last year focussing on what really matters to them, and they’re now feeling confident on pressing go on major life changes. At the same time as great personal introspection though, The Game Changers have become far more engaged with wider society – keen to ensure they’re using their voice, actions and financial fire power to be part of positive change. They are switched-on, savvy consumers who reward brands they see sharing their values with loyalty.”

The Grazia: Gamechangers 3.0 study was conducted through a survey, a 10-day digital platform discussion and two focus groups. The quant research surveyed 409 participants weighted to be nationally representative of 25-44 ABC1 women and the digital platform collected in-depth responses from 15 ABC1 women ages 15-44. Watch the video below to learn more about Grazia’s recent study.

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