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Ofcom Diversity and Equal Opportunities in TV And Radio Report

Ofcom has recently published its latest report on diversity and equal opportunities in television and radio.

Diversity and Inclusion sits at the very heart of our business, it’s evidenced through our people having a sense of truly belonging and thriving at Bauer. Our mission is to make our listeners lives sound better, so it is vital that we reflect the diverse make up of our audiences, and of course, make sure Bauer is a great place to do great work for all. 

 Whilst we have improved transparency and achieved a higher level of understanding of our D&I pillars and appreciation of the commitment of Bauer leaders to delivering improvement, Ofcom reports that there is a lack of representation of those from ethnic minority groups at Senior Management Level. Many businesses like ours are in the same position and have focused efforts to improve representation by recruiting diverse talent into entry level roles, where most vacancies exist.  We recognise that we must also fill positions at a higher level, by developing the capability of our existing talent and ensuring that we explore broader talent pools to fill senior positions across our business.

We must remain committed to further educating ourselves, continuing the dialogue and holding each other to account, as we progress towards our workforce being diversely representative of our core values, our audiences and our workplace being wholly inclusive for all Bauer People, ensuring that Bauer is a great place to do great work for all.

You can read full report here.